Local, All-Natural Beef

All-natural, ethically grown and hand raised beef, free from antibiotics and growth hormones.

Any animal in our custom raised beef program is born on the farm and raised there. We see each animal as a living being and we want to make sure each animal is treated humanely and receives the care and attention they require. The animals that we raise for our custom beef program never leave our farm, giving them the chance to live their lives in a completely stress free environment.  We take great pride in raising our animals in a safe, humane environment where each and every animal is treated with dignity and is never denied the care they need.  You can have the reassurance of knowing where your beef comes from, that it is raised ethically and is free of antibiotics and growth hormones.  When you order beef from us, you can choose whether you want grain finished or grass finished beef.

Quality Registered Polled Herefords

Excellent selection of registered polled Hereford bulls, bred heifers and heifer calves.  We also have a wide selection of Hereford/Angus cross breeding stock.

Our purebred stock has been hand selected to stand the test of time.  We select for feet that last, sound structure to udders, excellent maternal instincts and quite, easy to handle animals.  Our Hereford-Angus cross animals bring out the best from both breeds.  They have the quiet disposition of Herefords, are excellent mothers who produce calves that are very vigorous and have excellent weight gains.

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From Our Consumers

It is good to know that the meat you eat has been raised with care.
Tomas Krejcar

We have bought beef from Friesen Farms for the past two years.  I can honestly say I’ve never tasted beef so incredibly juicy and flavourful.  Imagine, something as simple as taco beef having SO much flavour!  We will never go back to store bought beef.  Thank you for such excellent quality beef.

Pamela Giles


Friesen Hereford Farms

Friesen Hereford Farms was established in 2000 when Chad and Anna bought their first Registered Polled Hereford cow and took over the very small commercial operation that Anna’s father had started when she was a child.  Over time, they slowly grew the operation by buying Registered Polled Herefords that carried the genetic traits they wanted in their herd.  Chad and Anna select heavily for good feet, good udders and strong maternal instincts.  Several years ago, Angus influence was added to the herd by using Angus bulls in the breeding program.  This cross produces vigorous calves that gain well, have hybird vigour, ease of calving, good maternal instincts but cows are still on the quieter side.  Chad and Anna love the Angus cross and feel that this has enhanced their program and helped them to diversify, reaching different markets. Friesen Hereford Farms is happy to offer a wide selection of purebred as well as crossbred animals in addition to their custom raised beef program.


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All-natural, ethically grown and hand raised beef, free from antibiotics or growth hormones

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