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Do you want to know exactly what you are eating?  Are you tired of wondering what may have gone into your beef?  When you buy beef from Friesen Hereford Farms, you can have the  confidence of knowing that you are getting all-natural, ethically grown and hand raised beef that is completely free from antibiotics and growth hormones.

When you purchase beef from Friesen Hereford Farms, you can choose how you want your beef cut and prepared.  We have the  ability to slaughter on farm which allows the animal to live it’s entire life stress free – they never have to be hauled to a slaughterhouse. 

We will walk you through the  process if you are uncertain of the types of cuts you want and what would best suit your family.  Our aim is for 100% satisfaction.  When you get your beef, you can expect a wide selection of cuts including ground beef, stew, roasts, steaks and much more!

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Please give us a call if you would like to reserve a beef.  Keep in mind that beef takes time to grow.  To finish a beef, it takes approximately two years from the  time the calf is born to the time when it is ready for slaughter.   We have a wide range of growing animals on the farm and our goal is to get beef to our customers as soon as we possibly can.


Limited Availability

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Call (780) 831-8338 or email to reserve your beef.

Act early to reserve you spot.  We always have animals that are growing and almost ready for slaughter, but wait times may be up to a few months depending on demand.  The sooner you get your name on the list, the sooner you will get your beef.

Get all your cuts for only $3.25/pound (grain fed) or $3.50/pound (grass fed)!  That includes steaks and roasts!  Ground beef in a grocery store costs around $5.00/pound.  Steak and roasts cost much, much more, sometimes as much as $30.00/pound!  In the long run, you will be saving a lot of money.


Cost of slaughter plus cut and wrap adds approximately $0.90/pound. The total cost of home grown, ethically raised, hormone / antibiotic free all natural beef works out to only $4.15/pound (grain finished) or $4.40/pound (grass finished)!

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